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It’s a technique where we are able to create hair strokes that are so fine that they blend naturally with your existing brow hair, making it virtually impossible to tell the difference between pigmented strokes and real hair!

Lip Blush


Lip blush is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances the color and volume of your lips, making them look fuller. This treatment is also great for covering up scars and improving the shape of the lips.

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The nipple-areolar complex reconstruction is the final touch in the reconstructive breast surgery, and it is very important for the patient’s psychological health and satisfaction, personalizing the method taking into account the patient’s characteristics to achieve good results.


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Sarah Giannola

About me

Sarah Giannola

Daughter of God, girl mom, wife, and family person, I was born and raised in Brazil. When I was 18, I moved to the capital of São Paulo, where I graduated in Industrial Design and worked with interior design for 9 years.  At the age of 30, I moved to San Diego where I met my husband, and we completed our family with our beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately in 2019, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer.  In May of 2020 I finished my treatment and today I am blessed, proud of everything I have navigated through, and cancer free!  Through my experiences, I can say that I am a more humble person, strengthened by my history and belief in God.

So what sets me apart besides my technique?

I am extremely passionate and focused on enhancing the natural beauty of each individual, and by extension bringing back and helping raise each individual’s self-esteem in their own beauty.

After a year of treatment, where I lost all the hair on my body, I had to search within myself for my inner beauty and accept my outer beauty.  That is where my mission was born; to embrace each person’s unique beauty, to find the perfect combination to help each and every person step into a natural glow that is uniquely them. The natural beauty concepts I practice are never meant to define one’s beauty because that comes from within, but my goal is to enhance each client’s beauty attributes that are uniquely them.


What BeYou Clients are Saying

Over 5 Five Star Reviews!

jose diaz
jose diaz
29 August 2023
Sarah is amazing. Nano blading is definitely better than micro. Excellent experience
Isabel Garrett
Isabel Garrett
17 August 2023
Sarah is extraordinary! She did an incredible job in my eyebrows . I barely had any eyebrows and her work was so amazing that I feel super confident, sexy and empowered ! I recommend Sarah 1000% !!! 🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏
Roslyn Sanchez
Roslyn Sanchez
1 July 2023
If you are thinking about getting your brows nanobladed, look no further. Sarah is WONDERFUL! I was really nervous with this being my first semi-permanent/permanent makeup procedure. Sarah is truly an expert in her craft. She made sure I was comfortable with the plan at every step by explaining things thoroughly. I was seeking to fill in some sparse areas and achieving a shape that worked well for me. I don't wear makeup so I wanted a natural look. Sarah exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the time that she took to ensure that things were measured precisely and that my brows were symmetrical. She is truly an artist and it shows in her expertise and work product. I LOVE my brows. I feel so fortunate to have met Sarah. She will be my go to for my brow shaping needs.
Alicia Alcantar
Alicia Alcantar
21 June 2023
I took my mom who is 75 years old to get her eyebrows done. My mom was so scared and worried on how they would turn out . From the moment we met Sarah she was amazing sweet and understanding. After everything she even followed up months after to make sure they had healed correctly. My mom loves and shows them off to all her friends . I recommend Sarah 100% They look so natural and perfect.
Lane Pritchett
Lane Pritchett
21 May 2023
Sarah is very professional and did a great job of measuring and designing brows for me after mine had fallen out from chemotherapy and grown back thin. She is kind and gentle as she works, explaining every step of the procedure and follow up care.
20 May 2023
Sarah is a very nice person and we’ll explain everything before doing the procedure. The place is clean and organized and she did a very good job on my eyebrows. Highly recommended 💕
Ane Rocha
Ane Rocha
19 May 2023
Sarah is absolutely the best! She explained the whole process and made me feel very comfortable. I love my new brows!
Patsy Martin
Patsy Martin
14 May 2023
Love her! She’s the best! Very detailed and listens to everything you want! I won’t trust anyone else with my brows! Very sterile also. She takes much pride in helping her clients look and feel their best. She won’t let you leave until YOU are happy!
Jeanne Griggs
Jeanne Griggs
3 May 2023
Sarah did nanoblading on my brows. She is so professional and personable and did a fantastic job on my brows. She is extremely thorough and I felt very comfortable through the complete process. I love my brows and highly recommend Sarah.
yi yi
yi yi
3 May 2023
Sarah is very profesional and responsible. She takes pride in her work and customer satisfaction is her ultimate goal. I had my brows done at Be You by Sarah and I am very happy with her work. I highly recommend her for any services she offers. Thank you Sarah for making my look better, I appreciate you!
Sarah Giannola Be You


Nanoblading Technique, what is it?

The most natural and hyperrealistic technique, where we’re able to create hair-strokes so fine and delicate that they are confused with your natural brow hair. With nanoblading technique we create hair-strokes by following the growth of natural hair, and the hair-strokes are placed strategically filling in where needed. Both the hair-strokes pattern and the shape are 100% customized made for each client, we create the shape based on your own bone structure, without using any standard  measurements. Our goal is to improve the shape, lift the look, harmonize the face and create fuller eyebrows with the most natural result.

Nanoblading vs Microblading

When deciding which procedure is right for you, you’ll want to consider what look you are ultimately going for!

Nanoblading provides a more natural aesthetic, ideal for those looking for more natural and modern results without the permanence, discoloration, and often artificial appearance that some microblading results can have.

Nanoblading uses ultra fine nano needles allowing for the precision and accuracy of real hair, while microblading provides a heavier and longer lasting stroke that as a more artificial appearance.


Nanoblading mimics an ultra-realistic look through the use of finer nano needles that penetrate the most superficial layer of skin, the epidermis which constantly renews itself, giving you a semi-permanent look that can last 8-12 months with proper care!

As microblading penetrates to a deeper layer of skin, the dermis, microblading can have the benefit of lasting longer, but can ultimately have a more artificial or “make up” look that can later have hues or orange, blue, and green, as the body breaks down the pigment.

With nanoblading, the 8-12 month semi-permanence and complete pigment breakdown by your body means that you can change along with the latest brow trend!


Access the PDF files I prepared with all the information:

Nanoblading Precare

Nanoblading Aftercare

Nanoblading Process


Access the PDF files I prepared with all the information:

Blush Lips Precare

Blush Lips Aftercare


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